Our companies
Various companies ensure that our customers can rely upon The Douqué Group for almost every type of green coffee from more than 40 countries of origin.


The Douqué Group consists of 6 different companies, each with their own specialty in the coffee trade. They all focus on the import and export of green coffee from over 40 different countries of origin. Each company has it’s own specialisation, but what connects them are the strong and historic family values, ​​such as good business sense, excellent service and high quality. Our customers enjoy working with the various companies owned by The Douqué Group.

Our companies:

J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. (mainstream coffee from several countries of origin)
Van Weely b.v. – (Fairtrade and organic)
Alessie & Co b.v. – (Brazilian specialty coffee)
The Mild Coffee Company n.v. (Colombian coffee)
Mild Coffee Company Huila s.a. – (Factory in Colombia)
Wolthers Douqué l.l.c. – (U.S. business)

J.Th. Douqué’s koffie b.v.

J.Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. is at the core of the long history of The Douqué Group. This company was founded in 1895 and trades in green coffee, supplying to major industries in Europe. Due to its long experience in the coffee world, J. Th. Douqué’s koffie b.v. now specialises in the import and export of mainly green Arabica coffee. The coffee originates in particular from Central and South America, as well as from Africa and several countries in Asia.

J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. is part of The Douqué Group and uses a working method in which service and quality come first. This working method has contributed to a vast network in the coffee industry. J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. buys coffee in countries of origin and takes care of the logistics. In other words, Douqué sees to it that the coffee is delivered to the customers in good condition.

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A. Van Weely b.v.

A. van Weely b.v. imports coffee for the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar and organic market. We were co-founders of Fairtrade/Max Havelaar and since 1988 we have supported in practice the introduction and development of the Fairtrade label for the retail in the Netherlands and in Europe. Our countries of origin from which we source the coffee are Central and South America, Brazil, Africa, and some countries in Asia, all mainly focused on Arabica coffee and to a lesser extent on Robusta.

Apart from the mainstream coffees we have become a specialist in niche markets and are involved in market segments related to corporate responsible management, traceability and sustainability.

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The Mild Coffee Company n.v.

The Mild Coffee Company is specialist in fine Colombian coffees. We source green coffee of the Colombian production of Excelso and Supremo from all growing regions and particularly from Huila and South-Tolima, whereby we have our Trilladora San Rafael based in Neiva.

We supply these green coffees to roasters of all sizes. Apart from the mainstream coffees we have become a specialist in niche markets and are involved in market segments related to corporate responsible management, traceability and sustainability.

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Douqué Specialty Coffee

Besides our general green coffees and as a extension of Douqué Group we offer our Douqué Specialty Coffee range. Within this range we present a higher quality assortment, in which you will find Microlot (Estate/Finca) Coffee and other Specialty Coffee in smaller quantity’s.

These outstanding coffees have been selected within our long history in the green coffee trade. For these coffees we work together with a specialized group of coffee growers to obtain quality, transparency and sustainability. Many of these Microlot and Specialty coffee is connected to one of our social projects which we created within our many years of experience in origin country’s.

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Alessie & Co b.v.

Alessie & Co b.v. was founded in 1916 by Dorus Alessie. In the 1960s, Alessie & Co b.v. developed into a large trader in Brazilian coffee. Alessie & Co b.v. and Douqué are both family companies and have always been friendly competitors. Douqué took over the company in 2006. This was a logical step, as both companies have always used the same trusted working method.

Alessie & Co b.v. is now part of The Douqué Group and specialises in green specialty coffee from Brazil. In the 1960s, Alessie & Co b.v. built up many good relationships in Brazil. All generations within the company have managed to maintain these relationships and therefore Alessie & Co b.v. is still the European specialist in fine Brazilian coffees.

Alessie sells the specialty coffee brand, Bandeirante, from the Bourbon region of Brazil.

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Wolthers Douqué

Wolthers Douqué is an Importer and Supplier of Fine Arabica coffees from Latin America and other coffee producing continents. We have Origin offices in Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, our Headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale and we have a West Coast Sales office in San Francisco. We provide high quality coffees on FOB basis or strategically stored spot inventories on the East, Gulf and West Coasts of USA.

Sourcing great coffees, Quality Assurance and Tradition are our motivations. Today, second and third generation Wolthers Family members and associates work to deliver premium quality product and services. We supply the finest Estate and regional coffees from producers worldwide.
From Brazil, our main source, Wolthers America imports and sells with exclusivity Estate Coffees from more than 1500 producers under the NuCoffee program. We are also the only importers to carry the finest estate grown coffees from the Parry Estate in Kona, Hawaii.
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Mild Coffee Company Huila

Our Trilladora ‘San Rafael’ in Neiva supplies high quality and special coffee from the Huila and South Tolima regions that differentiate in their unique character because of their origin in the volcanic highlands. We employ an innovative production model that integrates more than 4.000 coffee grower families in good and sustainable conditions.

MCCH has its own strategic buying stations in the region, where we collect the coffees directly from the farmers. MCCH also has its own technical assistants throughout the region.

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