Norman Mazel: Q Robusta Grader
13 December 2016

On the 3rd of December, Norman Mazel, our Quality Analyst at Douqué Group, obtained his Q Robusta Grader certification at the very first Q Robusta course in the United Kingdom ever, held at Coffee Nexus’ lab, Edinburgh, Scotland! Thereby becoming the first person in The Netherlands with this achievement!


Similar to his previous Arabica certification last year, again he successfully completed an intense course finalized with a severe three day examination. These exams consist of no less than 20 tests on coffee related subjects, such as green and roast grading, acids, sensory and olfactory skills and coffee cuppings and triangulations. Very interesting and fine Robusta coffees from Asia, the Americas and Africa passed the cupping tables, exploring this class of defect-free Robusta equivalent to Specialty Arabica, in which coffees exhibit unique and desirable characteristics resulting from a combination of varietal genetics, microclimate of origin, accentuated by best cultivation and processing practices


A Q Grader is a highly trained coffee expert who professionally grades coffee using SCAA / UCDA cupping protocols. There are currently just over 200 Licensed Q Robusta Graders worldwide (only 150 of them also bearing the Arabica certificate), of which only 7 in Europe and, as said, we now got the only one, that extra, Double Q, in The Netherlands! For The Douqué Group this means we’re – again – very proud to have one of these members in our company, congratulations Norman!

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