Our certifications
The Douqué Group meets the criteria set to support the industry in the field of sustainability.


The Douqué Group boasts long experience with certification schemes for several markets worldwide. The trend is to integrate various sustainability aspects. This enables us to meet all our customers’ demands concerning said certifications and sustainability.

The Douqué Group is always looking for cooperation with farmers’ organisations to obtain local knowledge in order to develop traceable and certified chains towards our clients.

Rainforest Alliance

This environmental organisation stands for ecosystems, animals and people. The aim is to protect the rainforest and to create good working conditions.


Improves the working conditions of farmers and labourers at coffee plantations. Fairtrade Max Havelaar ensures that farmers and labourers receive a fair income and that there is an opportunity to develop within the organisation.

Organic (Euro Leaf)

Requirements in the field of agricultural methods fall within the scope of this quality label, as well as requirements aimed at the protection of the environment, nature, and the countryside. For example, pesticides are not used.

UTZ Certified

Ensures that coffee originates from a farmer who takes account of humans and the environment. Fewer pesticides are used and there are good working conditions for the labourers.

The Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C) Association

This is a code of conduct developed for social, ecological, and economic sustainability within the coffee sector. 4C is not a quality label, so 4C coffee is not for sale. We do support the 4C initiative as a company.


Forms the basis for an international ISO food safety certificate. Several food sector requirements are deployed here.

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