Douqué Group at Horecava 2017
26 January 2017

Two weeks ago Douqué Group was present as a exhibitor at the Horecava event in the RAI Amsterdam. Horecava is a fair where new technologies and trends for professionals in the food/beverage service industry are presented. The theme of this year was ‘Taste the Future’ with a vision on the current change for the hospitality business. The exhibitors that are present during the event all give meaning to the theme and a important part of the theme this year were the trends within the coffee industry. Hotels, bars and restaurants are searching more and more for good coffee in their venue and like to learn more about the trends within this market.


Our cupping area

Because of this, the organization decided to set up a entire hall in the RAI for the coffee industry. In this hall they decorated a glass greenhouse where the path from bean to cup was presented by step 1 to 5. The organization approached us if we wanted to show the step from importer/trader of green coffee and if we wanted to organize several cupping sessions during the day. As a Dutch coffee trade company we felt honored of course and we were excited to show more of our work to the visitors.


Busy cupping session during Horecava

The event was a great success and many visitors attended our cupping sessions. It was great to see how everyone is nowadays so interested in coffee and for us it was a wonderful way of telling more about our work with coffee. There were all kinds of people at our cupping booth, from people who never saw green coffee to specialty roaster who enjoyed tasting all our different origins/qualities and who could talk hours about coffee. A lot of European roasters were also present as exhibitors so there were a lot of familiar faces combined with new faces in the coffee industry.

We want to thank the organization of Horecava for having us and for decorating such a nice space for us where we could do the cupping sessions. Also many thanks to everyone who visited us and joined our cupping sessions. We enjoyed talking to everyone about coffee and we loved to see how passionate everyone is about this wonderful product!

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