Passionate about coffee

We have developed many long term and sustainable relationships
with coffee producers/exporters. We are always looking for
local knowledge in order to develop traceable and certified
chains towards our clients.

Since 1988

Fair Trade and Organic market

A.van Weely B.V. imports coffee for the Fair Trade/Max Havelaar and organic market. We were co-founders of Fair Trade/Max Havelaar and since 1988 we have supported in practice the introduction and development of the Fair Trade label for the retail in the Netherlands and in Europe. Our countries of Origin from which we source the coffee are Central and South America, Brazil, Africa, and some countries in Asia, all mainly focused on Arabica coffee and to a lesser extent on Robusta

A. van Weely is part of Douqué and only differs in the certification it has. Our Team and process is the same for both labels and it’s very common clients work with both labels.

Proud of

Our certifications

Apart from the mainstream coffees we have become a specialist in niche markets and are involved in
market segments related to corporate responsible management, traceability and sustainability.

Organic (Euro Leaf)