Douqué's history
Founded in 1895, and a family company for many generations


The Douqué Group has its origins in the foundation of J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. in 1895. At the time, our (great) grandfather, Mr J. Th. Douqué, saw a great opportunity to establish himself in Amsterdam as an independent coffee trader. In the nineteenth century, Amsterdam was a very important trading place for coffee. This was partly because the first coffee passed through the harbour at Amsterdam, enabling Europe to become acquainted with this drink which, at the time, was very exclusive. We take great pride in the history of our family company and the foundation that was laid for the group that exists today.

The Douqué Group consists of a number of companies and J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v., where it all began almost 120 years ago, still occupies an important position. This company mainly trades in green Arabica coffee and supplies to the larger European coffee users.

In 1988, A. van Weely B.V. joined the group. At that time, an increased awareness of social responsibility emerged. This also led to a greater demand for fairtrade coffee. Within the Douqué Group, Van Weely became the specialist in fairtrade and was even involved in the foundation of, among others, the Max Havelaar quality label at the time.

The group was further expanded by the addition of MCC (Mild Coffee Company) in 2007. MCC specialises in Colombian coffee.

In 2008, Alessie was purchased. Alessie formed a perfect addition to the activities already in existence. This centuries-old family company with a strong brand name ensured that the Douqué Group has been able to experience significant growth. Alessie specialises in Brazilian coffee and has a long and excellent reputation, in Brazil too.

In 2012, the Douqué Group acquired the MCCH (Mild Coffee Company Huila). A ‘trilladora’ factory in the Huila region of Colombia. In this factory, the coffee beans are stripped of their outer coverings. By integrating this factory, we have created the opportunity to further specialise in this region in Colombia. But most importantly of all, the service we provide for our producers from the region, as well as for our customers, has improved even more.

The most recent complement to the group is the cooperation with Wolthers. This has resulted in the creation of Wolthers Douqué. Wolthers Douqué focuses specifically on the North American market and is located in Florida (Fort Lauderdale).

In its history, the Douqué Group has therefore developed considerably – at a product, market and service level – to become the company it is today.

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