Brazilian Specialty microlots

There is no way around the shipping delays and volatile coffee prices that are dictating headlines. Local restrictions due to COVID-19 , a lack of workers at various spots in the supply chain and the container shortages have led to significant price increases. Challenging times for producers, traders and roasters. But, coffee is still being grown, processed, traded and roasted. So, the show must go on!

Last summer we embarked on a quest to source new specialty microlots. Focusing mainly on outstanding cup- quality, unique flavor profile and traceability. Our aim is to provide roasters with something unique and at the same time approachable. Trusting the roaster in his/her knowledge of the craft to get the most out of the green coffee.

Our journey started in Carmo de Minas, Brazil. Where Maria Valéria and Maria Rogéria Pereira are passionately running Fazenda Irmãs Pereira. They embraced new (post-harvest) processing technics and started to experiment with fermentation. The microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi) is obtained from the coffee itself. This mucilage is then fermented for a few days to multiply the already present wild microorganisms. The source of substrate for microorganisms is the sugar in the coffee mucilage itself! We had the opportunity to taste two natural fermented Yellow Bourbon coffees from the Carmo de Minas region and we added them both to our offer list! We cupped the coffees and scored them accordingly.

Brazil natural fermentation Yellow Bourbon – Fazenda Irmas Pereira

Aroma 8,00 – Flavor 8,50 – Aftertaste 8,00 – Acidity: 8,00 – Body 8,50 – Balance 8,00 – Sweetness 8,00 – Uniformity 10 – Clean Cup 10 –  Overall 8,50 = 87,00 points

Notes: Tropical fruit sweetness, white chocolate,  dried banana and delicate nutty flavors.


Brazil unwashed yellow Bourbon RFA – Sul de Minas

Aroma 8,00 – Flavor 8,00 – Aftertaste 8,00 – Acidity 7,00 – Body 8,50 – Balance 8,00 – Sweetness 8,00 – Uniformity 10 – Clean Cup 10 – Overall 8,00 = 84,00 points

Notes: Milk chocolate, almond, vanilla, strawberry

The Douqué Group

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