Rwanda Abakundakawa & DRC Congo SOPACDI microlots

In this Coffee Story we will take you on a trip to the heart of Africa. Rwanda and the DRC. Our first encounter is  with the Women’s Coffee project from Abakundakawa Rushashi in the Gakenke district , Rwanda. Rushashi is a well renowned washing station  and has a reputation for producing excellent (organic) lots. We wanted a nice, lemon-like acidic, fruitful coffee ; that was our mission. The first thing one has to do in the orientation phase is to formulate as clearly as possible what it is you are searching for. This makes the search a lot easier for everyone. After having made contact with our partners in Rwanda we requested the samples for this year’s harvest. During the cupping it was obvious that this would be a coffee that will please a lot of roasters. The coffee grows at approximately 1700-2000 masl which gives it it’s delicate acidity and tea like body. This lot is made up of the bourbon types French Mission and Jackson. We scored this Rwandese fruit bomb the following:

Aroma 8,00 – Flavor 8,50 – Aftertaste 8,50 – Acidity 8,50 – Body 7,50 –  Balance 8,00 – Sweetness 10,00 –  Uniformity 10 – Clean Cup 10 –  Overall 7,75 = (Cuppers correction – 2,00) 84,75 points

Just over the border with the DRC we find ourselves in South- KIvu where the  SOPACDI co-operative is located. Keen on producing the best Congolese coffee has to offer and at the same time fighting to improve the living conditions of it’s members. SOPACDI also fights to end smuggling on Lake Kivu and to see youth employment rise. One might easily forget that next to these activities it’s members were able to produce a excellent crop. We were particularity surprised by the combination of floral and complex fruity notes like blackcurrant, honey and citrus. Our cupping score for this coffee:

Aroma 8,00 – Flavor 7,75 – Aftertaste 7,50 – Acidity 8,25 – Body 8,00 –  Balance 8,00 – Sweetness 10,00 –  Uniformity 10 – Clean Cup 10 –  Overall 7,75 = 83,25 points

We are certain that these coffees will give your offering something exclusive and exciting.


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